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Raw tapes are tapes that Evan hasnít narrated. These are for advanced listening audiences, as many things you will hear will not be explained. But many of these concepts have been explained in the production (narrated) tapes.

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0167A FLAC MP3 May 1975 (and others) First part of Charlottesville, VA senderized step (804-973)
Sperryville, VA switching train map
Also recordings of Lynbrook, NY #5XB
0167B FLAC MP3 May 1975
Continuation of Charlottesville, VA senderized step (804-973) (from two tapes)
GBM41-1-04 FLAC MP3 August 1976 Raw tapes of Shenadoah National Park Step CDO Toll Station
Chancellor ESC
Fredericksburg 5XB


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