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Raw Tapes - Quebec, Canada


Raw tapes are tapes that Evan hasnít narrated. These are for advanced listening audiences, as many things you will hear will not be explained. But many of these concepts have been explained in the production (narrated) tapes.

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Quebec, Canada

Various calls made from several locations in Quebec, Canada.

"The following "raw tapes" from 1974 and 1976 are being made available in response to a request. All of these were recorded on the fly with very limited time to do them, thus they are sloppy. They are also noisy and hummy, unfortunately."

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flac MP3 Year
QC514-248 FLAC MP3 1974 The is a small step in Bedford. At the end, I get the "0" operator via the operator-handled intercept trunk in Notre Dame de Stanbridge 296. The operator doesn't realize it's an intercept call, so she willingly connects me to New York directory assistance.
QC514-285ESS1 FLAC MP3 1974 This is a #1 ESS in downtown Montreal, featuring the Canadian "Pre- 'Dial Tone First'" arrangement, which was implemented on blue Northern Centurion coin phones. I don't know whether this was a "semi-DTF" arrangement or a crude temporary DTF arrangement which allowed things like "0" to be dialed without a coin.
QC514-346 FLAC MP3 1974 This is a small step in Saint Jean. Because it is also a toll center, the local recording has the ID "514-14."
QC514-871ESS1 FLAC MP3 1974 A brief recording of another Downtown Montreal #1 ESS, from a pre-pay coin phone.
QC514-935 FLAC MP3 1974 The step in Westmount (Montreal Island), again with the Canadian "pre-DTF" arrangement.
QC819-563XB5 FLAC MP3 1976 This is a brief recording of the #5 crossbar office in Sherbrooke, featuring a repair service call diverter trunk which holds up my line.
QC819-569 FLAC MP3 1976 This is the #1 step in Sherbrooke.


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