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Raw Tapes - New York  and New England Phone Trips


Raw tapes are tapes that Evan hasn’t narrated. These are for advanced listening audiences, as many things you will hear will not be explained. But many of these concepts have been explained in the production (narrated) tapes.

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0142 Part 1

Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Summer 1978

Jul 1979

Jul 1979

Jan 1981
Benson VT CX-1000 all relay

7/22 demo of changes in Atlanta
Network in anticipation of the 87

Polarity-sensing line-tie device
allowing remote control of my
ESS line

MCI FX lines to Atlanta documented

0143 Part 1

Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

1976 Brief Farmingdale NY 5XB

Brief White River Junction VT #1 Step

Danville VT Bell CDO with original “new” tones Incl. dialing a LD place as if local – via a third place which IS local – on BELL post-pay; then choinking MORE calls

Cabot VT indep Step; includes dialing through 2 intermediate points (one of which is LD) to reach Barre (which is LD)

Hardwick VT Bell CDO with original “new” tones
0801 FLAC MP3 February 1986 New York Telephone's Automated Coin Zone (and beating it)
Second Generation TSPS Mechanized Calling Card Phrases
Boston Time and it's conference


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