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Raw tapes are tapes that Evan hasnít narrated. These are for advanced listening audiences, as many things you will hear will not be explained. But many of these concepts have been explained in the production (narrated) tapes.

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0055A FLAC MP3 1973 Recordings Tape 4
0055B FLAC MP3 Dec 1973-Apr 1974 Recordings Tape 4
0057+narr FLAC MP3 Jul-Oct 1970

First Phone Tape/Recordings Tape 1 (low sound quality), VHF paging stuff

0058A FLAC MP3 June 1971, 1973 Recordings Tape 2B, Some SAIS reports from Washington DC, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Dallas
0106A  FLAC MP3 Dec 1971-Apr 1972 Recordings Tape 3
0106B FLAC MP3 1972 Recordings Tape 3
0123 FLAC MP3 Apr-Jun 1971 Recordings Tape 2
0144A FLAC MP3 Dec 1973-Apr 1974 Recordings Tape 4 vol. 2, Some AIS reports
0817 Part 1

Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

March 1974 Ben's Centrex Intercept Recordings Tape




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